Governor Brown throws millions at #Amazon, begs them to put HQ2 in California


Gov. Jerry Brown is offering tax breaks and other incentives worth hundreds of millions of dollars should Amazon choose the Golden State as the site of its second home.

“The Golden State is home to the best universities and research institutions in the world, a uniquely qualified and talented workforce and the most dynamic combination of innovation and investment on the planet,” Brown said in an Oct. 11 letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “ … Put simply: there is no better place for a business like yours to continue to grow.”

Brown’s administration drafted the letter, a colorful brochure listing California strengths and a four-page package of state incentives, for all applicants to plug into their proposals.

Amazon launched a continent-wide search Sept. 7 for a site to build a second headquarters of equal importance to its current 33-building complex in Seattle. The deadline is Thursday, Oct. 19, for dozens of North American communities to submit their proposals.

California’s brutal tax regime and oppressive regulations makes it unlikely Amazon will do anything long-term in California.

Source: Gov. Brown pledges hundreds of millions in incentives for Amazon HQ2 in California


One thought on “Governor Brown throws millions at #Amazon, begs them to put HQ2 in California

  1. So far, Because of jerry’s Venezulwan nightmare of massive taxes, $15 + dollar an hr wages, job killing regulations, a workforce that has been dumbed down to vote democrat, and can’t read english IF they graduate from High School, illegal alien sanctuary cities and a crime rate that is growing expodenially becase Jerry keeps freeing killers and robbers for politcs, then yopu know why he ain’t going to be seeing Amazon landing in this state. In fact, Jerry has been desparatly trying to get big companies like the Tesla battery plant and other companies to come here. But they just seem to end up in Nevada and Arizona instead of the ” Workers Paradise” of Kaly.. Hey Jerry, just look at all the Socialsit nightmare bils you signed and then ask yourself why no company will build a world class HQ in Kaly anymore..


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