#StephenBannon comes to #California, #Democrats wet their pants

Trump administration strategist Stephen K. Bannon on Friday told California Republicans, whose state party has fallen in membership and political influence, that their salvation lies in putting aside their differences and getting to work — just as they’d done to help move President Trump to his surprise victory in November.

“We have a problem with understanding how to win. Nothing else matters,” Bannon told hundreds of Republican delegates gathered in Anaheim for the state party’s fall convention. “If you want to take your state back … you have to roll your sleeves up.”

Welcomed with a standing ovation, Bannon clung to themes of “economic nationalism” in his speech, putting the interests and fortunes of American workers ahead of the Republican establishment. He laughed off the small number of protesters outside, saying their liberal message would repel voters and help Republicans keep their targeted congressional districts.

California Democrats and their pals in the Republican establishment are wetting their pants.

Source: Stephen K. Bannon brings his ‘war’ against the GOP establishment to California – LA Times


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