#DianeFeinstein: She’s white, and elite, and still thinks she’s the best choice for U.S. Senate

Here’s some news for all you Latinos in California from one of the Democrat’s top white elites.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a message for state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and anyone one else who might want to run against her next year: Bring it on.

“I’ve been challenged before. That doesn’t bother me,” the state’s senior senator told us. “Michael Huffington spent something like $33 million to try to unseat me in 1994, so I pretty much assume that it comes with the territory.”

Feinstein waited until this month to announce that she will run for another term. She’s 84, and there had been speculation that she will step aside.

Source: Feinstein shrugs off critics: ‘I’ve been challenged before’ – San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. At least Di-Fi is an American unlike Mr Leon who brags his family is illegal and is using false ID’s to collect welfare and stay here illegally !!!!


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