#PorterRanch resident stiffed by #SoCalGas after #AlisoCanyon gas leak

Everyone knew this was coming.

Two years after a massive gas leak was detected at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, Doreen Freeman is still fighting for tens of thousands of dollars in relocation expenses. It’s money she argues Southern California Gas Co. owes her.

She initially had no intention of relocating from her Porter Ranch home on Brymer Street when the leak sprung from an aging gas well at the nearby facility in late October of 2015.

But her doctor advised her not to return there the following January after she landed in the hospital and then a Canoga Park rehabilitation facility for weeks following a fall at her workplace that fractured her pelvis.

Because her doctor said the gas leak could interfere with her recovery, Freeman signed a rental lease in January for a place about 15 miles away, in Canyon Country. But SoCalGas, which owns and operates the Aliso Canyon facility, has declined to reimburse her for more than $29,000 in rent and mileage expenses she says she incurred due to the temporary move.

“I’m so livid and so upset it isn’t funny,” Freeman said. “The people who own the house directly across the street from me and recently sold it, they (relocated) to Culver City and were paid $7,000 a month (by SoCalGas)— and they were gone for four months.”

Source: 2 years later, Porter Ranch resident is ‘livid’ after fighting for Aliso Canyon gas leak reimbursement – Daily News


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