Feckless #GileadSciences defends insane drug profits

With high drug prices still in the political crosshairs on Capitol Hill, pharmaceutical industry bosses are at pains to explain why a cure for hepatitis-C has to cost a budget-busting $1,000 per pill, or a promising cancer treatment should carry a list price of $373,000.

That duty most recently fell to John C. Martin, the executive chairman of Gilead Sciences, which happens to be the owner of both of those stratospherically priced drugs.

Gilead’s general theme is often heard from Big Pharma. It’s a lie. In reality, Gilead is a criminal enterprise and they should be prosecuted as such. What they do for the sake of profits puts innocent lives at risk.

Source: Gilead says drug profits must stay high to pay for ‘innovation,’ but 100% of its profits went to shareholders – LA Times


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