Judge slams Becerra’s lawsuit against President #Trump

A federal judge on hammered an attorney for California over the state’s push for a court order immediately reinstating “Obamacare” subsidies cut off by the Trump administration, saying California and other states had protected consumers from the loss of the funding.

U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria did not issue a ruling but appeared highly skeptical of the request by California, 17 other states and the District of Columbia to force the government to make the payments as their lawsuit over the subsidies works its way through the courts, which will take months.

State attorneys general, led by California Democrat Xavier Becerra, argue the gigantic welfare payments to insurance providers are required under former President Barack Obama’s health care law. Without them, consumers will face higher costs and insurers will back out of the law’s health insurance markets, causing them to fall apart, the states say.

Source: Judge: Trump’s health care cuts don’t pose immediate threat | The Modesto Bee


One thought on “Judge slams Becerra’s lawsuit against President #Trump

  1. It’s intersting to note that Barry Obama Soweto’s illegal diversion of monies going to the Insurance Companies has ready been declared… well… to be unconsitutional. So wHY are the failed democrat occupied states suing in Court , when they know full well the payments are illegal. Thats becauise they have run out of other peoples monies to run their welfare for votes scam . Without the cash, their free giveawys can’t continue the hallmarks of Socialsim.


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