#Leftists Blame #ClimateChange on President #Trump

According to extreme Leftists,  the Trump administration’s reluctance to confront climate change threatens to create a massive burden on taxpayers, as a lack of planning by federal agencies leaves the government ill-equipped to deal with the fallout from rising temperatures, according to “independent” congressional investigators.

The “report” released Tuesday from the Government Accountability Office presents a bleak picture in which the economic costs of climate change spiral ever further upward in the coming decades. While the report finds that coordination among federal agencies in confronting climate change has long been inadequate, it now comes at a time when the White House is making an unprecedented retreat on environmental protection.

President Trump’s scrapping of an Obama-era requirement that federal agencies work together to prepare for warming, the report concludes, has left them with no concrete plan of action or indication if there will be one.

Leftist agitators, Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), had requested the GAO examination of climate change preparedness.

Source: Trump’s inaction on climate change carries a big price tag, federal report finds – LA Times


One thought on “#Leftists Blame #ClimateChange on President #Trump

  1. I could make up stuff too .. The seas are raising, it’s getting hotter, the climate is causing wild fires etc.. The govenment churns this stuff out to please the crackpot congress critters whom their budget depends on..


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