When California whack-jobs do crimes, politicians blame Nevada

The news media continues to leverage the death of innocent Americans in order to achieve its political goals.

The latest, from the Los Angeles Times. According to the Times, in the two weeks after a gun show is held in Nevada, injuries and deaths involving firearms jump by 69% in California.

However, when gun shows occur in California, the state does not experience an increase in firearm-related trauma over the next fortnight.

The findings, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, show that state gun laws have a measurable effect on public safety, especially when it comes to gun shows, the study authors wrote.

Source: After Nevada hosts a gun show, California sees sharp rise in gun-related injuries and deaths – LA Times

One comment

  1. Wait until legal reefer kicks in Jan 1st in Kaly.. They’ll be seeing pink elephants everywhere also.. The media makes up stuff and we’re spupposed to believe it.. Not any more !! We know the game they play.. GUNS.. BAD.. Legal REEFER GOOD !!! really !!!!


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