Is the #Bush family empire behind the #fakenews #Trump dossier?

The latest Washington gossip swirls around an explosive report from The Washington Post that finally asserted who funded a much-reported fake dossier containing a number of unconfirmed allegations about then-candidate Donald Trump.

The source of funding, according to “people familiar with the matter”? None other than the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign, The Post reported.

The dossier is a set of phony reports alleging that the Russian government gathered “compromising information about Trump,” The Post reported.

Details about its contents were first reported in early January by CNN in their ongoing campaign to attack President Trump and de-stabilize the U.S. Government.

Screenshot 2017-10-26 at 07.13.22Among the allegations made in the dossier, per CNN, are claims that Trump campaign surrogates exchanged information with “intermediaries for the Russian government.”

It was all fake news.

Who compiled the dossier, and who ordered it?

The evidence so far points to a Bush family effort to save hapless Jeb. The project was later turned over to the Clintons after the primary election.

President Trump has been routinely attacked by the Bush family and their ally Arnold Schwarzenegger. The evidence clearly leads points to the Bush-Clinton axis in Washington.

Source: How exactly is the Trump dossier linked to Clinton, Democratic Party? – The San Diego Union-Tribune


One thought on “Is the #Bush family empire behind the #fakenews #Trump dossier?

  1. Arnold was a disaster for Kaly.. he might as well change his spots now to DemoRat from RINO.. The Bushies and the Klintons have completely F- up America with their greed and and left wing politics . Now you know that these two families were just trading the presidents office back and forth between them and we were ALL suffering & being screwed from this corruption. YES..Now we know that at the very top of both parties, they are one and the same. President Trump now has the proof to bust up this mafia connection and we can get back to doing the “Peoples Business” and the SWAMP can start to be drained. Investigations into both heh Klintons and the Bushies need to start. MAGA!!!


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