Local media consolidation rule could be a thing of the past

The Federal Communications Commission will vote next month to eliminate a decades-old rule designed to preserve media diversity in local markets, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said Wednesday.

The move is aimed at supporting economically struggling media outlets in an age of digital consumption. But critics say it will lead to greater media consolidation and the loss of independent voices.

The regulations, passed in 1975, prevent any single company from owning both a full-power TV station in a given market and a daily newspaper at the same time.

“The marketplace is nothing like it was in 1975,” Pai told House lawmakers Wednesday, arguing that the restriction on newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership was outdated. “The FCC’s rules still presume the market is defined by pulp and rabbit ears.”

Source: The FCC plans to roll back some of its biggest rules against media consolidation – The Washington Post


One thought on “Local media consolidation rule could be a thing of the past

  1. At last.. It like the cable channels that have stations that are for many differnt country lanuage speakers.. Nobody watches them, but yet, we have to pay for their channels and it makes the monthly bill huge Eliminating this will make it easier to start a station.


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