#MorningJoe defends sex-perverts who are their “friends”

Clearly the Left is coming around to the idea that defending sex-criminals is OK if their politics is correct. A frightening development for women everywhere.

As we have consistently said, their bigotry is much more subtle, but just as brutal, as the Right’s.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski may be easily disgusted by President Trump envisioning blood coming out of her chin or Trump telling then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that he can do anything he wants with women — lik “grab ’em by the p–y” — because he’s just so rich and powerful.

But the show’s “friend” Mark Halperin?

Hmmm. He’s a different animal.

Mika softened her voice and sympathetically called him “someone you see around this table very day” and referred to him as “our friend.”

Halperin has resigned from NBC amid allegations that he harassed a number of women while working at ABC. Alleged details are pretty horrific — grabbing breasts, brushing up against female coworkers with erections.

Source: Mika Sure Doesn’t Want To Believe Female | The Daily Caller


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