#California #Republicans lead the way in screwing you on #healthcare, #taxes

Need more proof just how pathetic and loathsome California Repubicans really are?

Five months ago, all 14 members of California’s Republican congressional delegation voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, despite angry constituents and projections showing that millions of Californians would lose health coverage.

Now, as Congress debates a tax reform plan, the state’s GOP representatives are again sticking together to move the proposal forward, even as other Republicans from around the country break ranks because it eliminates popular deductions for the state taxes and local taxes that Americans pay.

The Republicans insist that tax reform will be good for the country as a whole — and most taxpayers individually, but Democratic strategists are already planning to use the votes against them, adding it to their attack ad arsenal for the hotly contested 2018 midterms, when several Republican House members are expected to face tough races in swing districts.

Source: California GOP face backlash after tax reform vote


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