#RobertMueller comes to the rescue, plans to indict only #Republicans

Special prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III had fired a bunker buster, bringing his first indictment in the probe. The identity of the person charged is under seal still and will remain so until the person is arrested, possibly as soon as Monday.

Will it be Paul Manfort, whom prosecutors reportedly all but promised to indict? It will be a long weekend of rampant speculation until the scoop is confirmed.

Source: Week 23: Mueller Bombs Trump’s Big Week – POLITICO Magazine


One comment

  1. YES.. Manafort and some repubs will be indicted which doesn’t mean their guilty. The grand jury ONY hears evidence that the Prosecutor wants them to see. The real criminal is Hilary and her Uranium deal. but yes.. only some repubs will be focused on.. Heir Mueller is holding back , so he can toss the mid term elections for the establishment and Dem’s who paid him


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