The #PoliceState can’t wait to arrest you for legal marijuana use

In just two months, California’s recreational marijuana law takes effect, raising the specter of a possible increase in fatal or injury crashes in which drivers are under the influence of the drug.

It has also led to questions of enforcement, given there currently is no law in place determining how much THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, a person has to have in his or her system to be considered impaired while driving.

With the voter-approved passage last year of Prop. 64 legalizing adult-use marijuana, studies are underway to help determine just how much pot is too much to drive. The Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego received a $1.8 million grant from the state to gather data including levels of marijuana dosage and impairment.

In the meantime, the District Attorney’s office will continue to “aggressively prosecute” all cases of driving while impaired, including those involving marijuana, said Assistant District Attorney Scott Spielman.

“Even though the law has now legalized its recreational use in the state, it’s still a violation of federal law, and it’s illegal to be using marijuana in a motor vehicle and certainly to be impaired and driving a motor vehicle,” he said.

The Police State can’t wait to arrest you.

Source: Law enforcement cautions motorists Prop 64 doesn’t change fact that smoking pot and driving is illegal, dangerous | News |


One thought on “The #PoliceState can’t wait to arrest you for legal marijuana use

  1. Come to Oregun and you can see cars with smoke rolling out of the vehicle a couple of times a day while you drive around town.. They are ALL stoned here while driving..
    The dirty secret is that there isn’t a test that can determine if you you just smoked a fatty,… OR smoke it 12 hrs ago. I got that direct from a friend who is a CHP officer. They will have cops who are TRAINED to detect if your high while driving,. They’re just guessing folks. There isn’t any solid test they can use to see if your high while driving. Bet that can be challenged in court.. Your word vs their trained cop, But no chemical test can say of your high right then. It’s only in your system and they can’t tell when you smoked it . Enjoy the chaos and death when Adolescent Kaly drivers start runing their cars into walls and smashing cars on the highway. !!!

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