More from #Hollywood’s sex-perverts

Alec Baldwin made two movies with James Toback — “Seduced and Abandoned,” the 2013 HBO documentary that followed the pair roaming the 2012 Cannes Film Festival pitching a sexually explicit update of “Last Tango in Paris,” and “The Private Life of a Modern Woman,” which premiered last month at the Venice Film Festival. Baldwin has a small role opposite Sienna Miller in the film.

But after the Los Angeles Times published a story in which 38 women alleged that director James Toback had sexually harassed them, Baldwin, who is famously outspoken on social media, remained silent. As more than 300 women contacted The Times with similar stories, while others did the same with other outlets, Baldwin’s only public comment on the allegations surrounding Toback came last Tuesday in a post made from the Twitter account of the ABFoundation, an arts group Baldwin runs with his wife, Hilaria.

Source: Alec Baldwin breaks his silence about James Toback: ‘I never had one conversation with Jimmy about his sex life’ – LA Times


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