As #CoveredCalifornia implodes, politicians, #elitemedia spin a happy tune

Despite the persistent efforts of President Trump and Republicans in Congress to sound the alarm about the nation’s failing healthcare system, media elites continue to spin the fantasy that Covered California is alive and well.

It’s just not true.

Open enrollment in the state’s exchange program began Wednesday and continues through Jan. 31. Thanks to careful planning, the vast majority of the 1.4 million enrolled in Covered California plans will be able to find affordable health insurance plans for 2018.

Affordable that is, only if you choose healthcare over food and housing.

Media elites gleefully report that Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee says 78 percent of the program’s enrollees can expect to see their costs actually decrease next year. That’s right. Decrease.

That’s because Covered California has evolved into an entitlement program for the poor. The millions of people who make up the rest of California, facing gigantic insurance premiums, has opted for food and shelter instead.

The elite media in California has chosen to ignore this.

Source: Editorial: Covered California health insurance market is alive and well – East Bay Times


One thought on “As #CoveredCalifornia implodes, politicians, #elitemedia spin a happy tune

  1. Thank You for exposing the Ponzi Scam these creeps are runing to bankrupt the middle class and to get their ” poor” voting block to keep voting demoRat. You can’t run a program that taxes the rest of your citizens into poverty while propping up another class for voters. Looking forward to seeing Kaly have to pull the plug on this failed Socialist program. The only problem will that the creeps are working on another scam for Single payer type care paid for again by the middle class. Flee Kaly folks. They are going to try to impliment the worst type of healthcare in the world. Socialist Single payer in some form. That little beauty is a disaster. You never get enough care to fix the health issue, but they love to pass out pills as they can’t afford to give you the life saving operations under Single Payer. Just ask the Canadians what happens on November 5th through January 1st.


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