#CoveredCalifornia continues to crush families; insurance company profits soar

Yvonne Read is getting ready to “get slammed” by another health premium increase.

Read, 53, pays more than $2,100 a month for a Covered California family health plan that covers her 57-year-old husband and two young adult children. For next year, the Nevada City, Calif., resident says the premium will go up about $200 a month.

She and her family will have to absorb all of that increase, because their income is too high to qualify for federal premium assistance.

“We’re in that middle bracket that doesn’t get any help,” Read said.

“What do you do? My husband is going to need two surgeries next year,” she said, so it wouldn’t make sense to move to a plan with a lower premium and higher out-of-pocket expenses.

The family will have to adjust by giving their son less for his college expenses, taking longer to pay off bills or putting less in savings, she said.

Insurance companies on the other hand, are doing great. After all, that’s what our government is here for, right?

Source: Rising health insurance costs are a growing worry for aging people, early retirees – Daily News


One thought on “#CoveredCalifornia continues to crush families; insurance company profits soar

  1. Ask Red Jerry WHY his wonderland of Sociaism is producnig poverty at an astounding rate. Paying $2300 a month is absurd for healthcare.


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