#CoveredCalifornia continues to fail #Latinos

Latinos, who just a year ago were highly sought customers for the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace plans may not get the same hard sell this year.

Enrollment outreach efforts during the Obama administration targeted Latinos, both because they have a high uninsured rate and because a large proportion of the community is young and fairly healthy, criteria prized by insurers to help balance older, sicker customers, who are more likely to sign up.

These young people aren’t stupid, they’re not buying the government’s spin any longer and are opting out. Covered California has failed them.

California is one of about a dozen states that run their own marketplaces, and the state puts up its own money for marketing for Covered California. It will offer consumers a longer sign-up period than the federal government’s six-week window, with enrollment lasting through Jan. 31, the same as last year.

Source: Big gains in Latino health coverage poised to slip during chaotic enrollment season – Daily News


One thought on “#CoveredCalifornia continues to fail #Latinos

  1. People are waking uop and paying the TAX to opt out of this Obama / DemoRat scam they were running to get the middle class to pay for the Dem’s poor voting block. Now even this protected class of Dem voter is finding out they can’t afford Socialism.


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