$132 billion needed to repair California’s roads

There is a backlog of $132 billion in needed road repairs, $59 billion for state highways; and $73 billion for local streets and roads. Bad roads cost California drivers an additional $762 per year in vehicle maintenance costs from driving on crumbling roads.

California drivers are now paying about 74 cents for gas and over $1 per gallon for diesel when all federal and state taxes are included — the Cap Trade Greenhouse taxes is about 12 cents for gas and 15 cents for diesel. And the Low Carbon Fuel taxes add about 5 cents for gas and diesel.

Don’t complain. It’s the government you asked for when you went to the polls last November.

Source: Roadshow: $132 billion — yes, BILLION — needed for road repairs


One thought on “$132 billion needed to repair California’s roads

  1. Simply common sense which is grossly lacking in Kalyfornia politicans who are charged with maintaining the streets and highways. There ain’t no way and no how that Moonbean and his sacto one party thugs are going to do anything, but increase the taxes to pay for this continuing disaster. Welcome to the New left Coast version of Venezalwa.


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