After #LasVegas shooting #JohnChiang decides to wound teacher’s pension fund

California’s teachers pension fund will consider canceling its investments in national retail companies selling guns and ammunition banned in the state after Treasurer John Chiang argued for action following last month’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.

CalSTRS staff was asked to review investments the board of directors may want to remove from the fund’s $215.3-billion portfolio. After the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school in 2012, CalSTRS sold stock and security investments in gun manufacturers. Chiang’s request could spark a much larger divestment, as it focuses on retail companies that sell the weapons and ammunition.

Source: California’s teachers pension fund will consider divesting from gun retailers following mass shootings


One comment

  1. The Pensions are already in the red by 10’s of bilions.. This is the responsible canidate for govenor of the new state of Venezalwa that now is almost prominsing a colaspe of STRS by this PC bone headed act.The other 3 canidates sound even worse.. Aren’t there ANY adults left in the demoRat party that is killing off the Golden Goose..


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