How #Leftists continue to punish the #homeless

Finally some sanity has come to the homeless debate in California.

Experts now say stop giving homeless panhandlers money.

Stop feeding them in parking lots.

It’s not helping.

Street handouts, however well-meaning, don’t move the homeless toward permanent solutions. They make it easier for them to stay where they are.

More than 70 cities across the country have proposed laws limiting street feedings.

The issue has flared locally in recent weeks. The El Cajon City Council unanimously passed an emergency ordinance last month banning food distribution on city-owned property in response to the outbreak of hepatitis A that has killed 20 people and sickened more than 530 in the county, many of them homeless.

Source: Food for thought: Do free meals help the homeless?


One thought on “How #Leftists continue to punish the #homeless

  1. Visit the enlightened city of Medford Oregon and you will see signs at intersections..” It is illegal to transfer any items from a car to a person standing on the street. ‘ They know handouts just feed the problem.. Kaly is just starting to figure it out.


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