Sex-perverts run rampant, remain unchecked, in the California State Capitol

The sexual harassment claims were made by staffers. Those claims were kept under wraps by the administration of then-Speaker Willie Brown and only surfaced later when the settlements became public.

There’s a history in the Capitol of trying to keep such matters secret.

Recently, Democratic Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra has been facing heat — and demands that he resign — following revelations that eight years ago as a top legislative aide he was secretly disciplined for harassing a female staffer.

Outrage over that and the long history of sexual misconduct in the state Capitol comes on the heels of the harassment allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, which also was followed by a series of allegations about other men in the entertainment industry and media.

Female lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists have now been coming forward to talk about sexual harassment in the Legislature.

Source: Decades-old San Diego case underscores Sacramento’s history of secrecy regarding sexual harassment


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