#SanFrancisco teachers say ‘keep the money, we’re out of here’

Stay in the San Francisco Unified School District long-term? Raise a family here? No way.

“I feel like it’s the fall of Rome, and I’m seeing it slip away,” Prensky-Pomeranz said of the city becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle class, particularly teachers. “I think it’s a massive social justice issue that our teachers are paid the way they are. It affects the students to have new teachers every year.”

Even though the newly agreed-upon compensation package is better than many teachers elsewhere in California are getting, it’s still not nearly enough to make up for the financial hole the district has dug for its teachers.

Source: Expected SF teacher raises aren’t enough to stem exodus from costly city


One thought on “#SanFrancisco teachers say ‘keep the money, we’re out of here’

  1. They FAIL to mention that the pensions / STRS is failing. Old Jerry ordered a 50% increase in ” contributions, without any increased revenues. So we are seeing Teachers having to kick in a percentage of their monthly salary that used to be 8.5%.. Now it’s gone to 12% and in 2020… it goes to 19% A MONTH.. No teacher can live on a salary that has 19% taken from it monthly.. Yep, San Fran and kaly in general are watching the Fall of Rome and they can’t do a darn thing to save it in a One party Soviet style government that they have voted for repeatedly.


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