#FBI spied on #Latinos

A memo included in recently released John F. Kennedy documents shows that the FBI was concerned about the growing political power of Latinos, historians say.

Among the thousands of documents released last week was a memo from an FBI informant who kept watch on a Dallas chapter of the G.I. Forum — a moderate group of Mexican American veterans who spoke out against discrimination.

According to the 1963 document, the informant closely followed a chapter meeting where members expressed concern about the revival of a similar organization, the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Historians say the memo gave a glimpse into the FBI’s concern about the growing political power of Latinos in Texas, New Mexico, California and Illinois and may also show the FBI was working to create tensions among the Latino civil rights groups.

It’s a pretty safe bet that the FBI is still doing this.

Source: JFK files: FBI concerned of growing Latino political power


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