President #Trump derails #SiliconValley’s H-1B visa scam

The fears escalated for Harpreet Singh Kohli under the glow of a TV screen last year, when his daughter broke down at the sight of the words strung across the screen: “TRUMP WINS 2016 ELECTION.”

“This is not good for our country,” his daughter, then 8, cried. Even at her young age, she knew she was a U.S. citizen — and her father was not. “This is not good for you.”

One year later, as Kohli sits with his family in a sprawling Sikh temple in San Jose as he does nearly every Sunday, he worries his daughter may have been right. For the thousands of foreigners like him who hold an H-1B visa, it has been a dizzying year of anti-immigrant rhetoric, memos and executive orders from an administration that is seeking to stem the flow of foreigners coming into the country.

Source: A year after Trump’s election, H-1B visa holders’ hope dwindles


One thought on “President #Trump derails #SiliconValley’s H-1B visa scam

  1. I’m sure he’s good worker and man.. BUT.. He needs to go back to India and make that country great again.. NOT take a job that an American can do and Google is working him at half of what they will pay an American citizen.. I don’t feel sorry for them. But hey, since his daughter is now an anchor baby , he’ll stay and continue to take jobs meant for an citizen.


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