#Republican #elites attack Commerce Secretary #WilburRoss for not being rich enough

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross came under wider scrutiny Tuesday over his financial holdings and whether he had been forthcoming about his wealth. Apparently he’s not rich enough for the elitists in Washington.

Ross’ success in building companies and his personal fortune were held out by President Trump and Ross’ supporters as among the factors that made him well suited for the job of Commerce secretary, and the soft-spoken 79-year-old, often referred to as the billionaire investor, was easily confirmed to the Cabinet post in February.

But an article in Forbes, which is known for producing a list of billionaires, reported that Ross had grossly inflated his net worth while it raised troubling questions about Ross’ financial dealings and overall business acumen. The magazine removed Ross from its coveted ranking.

Forbes said its examination of Ross’ financial disclosure forms filed after his nomination for Commerce secretary revealed his assets at less than $700 million. A year earlier the magazine had put Ross’ net worth — based on its own analysis and Ross’ confirmation — at $2.9 billion.

Source: Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross faces accusations that he lied about his wealth


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