#JerryBrown joins #climatechange extremists at European Parliament, attacks non-believers

Gov. Jerry Brown, arriving in Brussels after collegial events in Germany, sparred publicly with British politicians when confronted over his climate change record at the European Parliament on Wednesday.

Steven Woolfe, a British politician on the parliament, was first to pierce the pleasantries, accusing Brown of supporting state intervention “at a huge scale” and spending and increasing taxes “like it’s going out of fashion.”

Brown’s climate change policy, he argued, isolates the state from much of the U.S. Woolfe dismissed California’s cap-and-trade carbon market as a “tax-and-spend” policy. And he teased the governor as potentially being interested in joining the European Union.

“I am sure you are well-meaning in wanting to protect the environment,” Woolfe said. “But do you not recognize that the policies you are implementing help the rich more than the poor, and make the poor suffer in the long-run?”

David Coburn, another British politician on the parliament, was similarly critical of the governor, offering rare rebukes of a state leader whose Democratic Party dominates in California.

Brown and the #Leftists freaked out.

Source: Jerry Brown blasts climate change ‘denialists in the room’ at European Parliament


One comment

  1. Jerry got spanked folks, by Euro Leftists.. They see him for what and who he is… The old 70’s radical Gov MOONBEAM. Even they can see that he is raping Kaly. The Cap & Tax was tried by the EU years ago and was finally ended when investors started calling it a total scam. Jerry n might start to see that he’s not the darling of theEnvior that he thinks he is. Gov Crackpot Moonbeam IS destroying Kaly… H e just got a wak up call.. But.. it won’t make one dent in his radical Enviro policiies.


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