#Losers continue to bleat about #guncontrol

The death toll from the Texas church killings was still rising when U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a simple statement that spoke for many millions of Americans. She asked:

“When will this end? When will we decide that we can’t accept massacres in our places of worship, schools or at concerts? When will we actually do something about it?”

It’s what gun control losers do…they bleat like sheep while ignoring reality. It make them, and the mindless throngs that follow them, feel better.

Democrats have no intention of banning firearms. They just want to stand on a pile of corpses and shout out, “vote for me!”

Source: ‘When will this end?’ When Congress has the courage to stand up to the gun lobby – LA Times


One thought on “#Losers continue to bleat about #guncontrol

  1. It’s VERY telling to note that the rifle used TO KILL THE MURDERER by the NRA Instrucftor was none other than… AN AR-15.. NPR, Huff Post . & USA Today… ALL refer to the AR-15 as a Rifle.. A gun.. They refuse to use the word AR-15.. But they ran story after story decribing the Killers wepeon a a military rifle. Hypocrites plain and simple


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