#Californians strongly oppose President #Trump — remain out of touch with the rest of #America

A year after his election, President Trump remains wildly unpopular in California, and the state’s voters are split over whether members of Congress should work with him when possible, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has found.

The percentage of voters seeking cooperation overall — 47% — dropped somewhat when it came to Trump’s immigration policies, which the state’s Democratic officeholders have fought with legislation and lawsuits.

Most California voters praised immigrants and rejected negative characterizations of them that have come from the president and some of his supporters. Eight in 10 said immigrants here without proper documentation were seeking work, not “a handout,” and that they improve the communities in which they live.

Source: Californians strongly oppose Trump — and 53% say state’s members of Congress should ‘never’ work with him


One comment

  1. Note how the media and it’s lapdogs try to classify illegal aliens as immigrants and how hard they work when data shows they are the predominant people in public housing and in general are taking jobs and college positions from Hard Working Americans. Kaly hands them welfare and cash payments and the idea that they are here to Just work ” is baloney. They are voting in huge numbers, and throwing elections as the Kaly demorats go out of their way to make sure they are taking


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