Sex crimes are rampant in the #California Legislature

California legislators may hate President Trump, but we know what they love…sex, lots of it! Under the dome, sex criminals are everywhere.

The California Legislature has investigated 31 allegations of sexual harassment since 2006, according to brief summaries released without more detailed information.

The release of the total number of investigations comes after the Los Angeles Times requested specific information following allegations in a letter signed by scores of women that a “pervasive” culture of harassment exists in and around the state Capitol. Some of those women called Thursday’s limited release of information disappointing.

The nature of the summaries paints a murky picture of how many complaints were filed, and offers no information on the cost of the 31 investigations paid by the taxpayer-funded institutions.

The lack of disclosure makes it impossible for the public to assess whether the 31 investigations over 11 years accurately reflect the size and seriousness of abuse allegations — or whether the summaries instead downplay the scope of the issue.

Source: California’s Legislature investigated 31 abuse complaints made over the past decade


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