#Leftists attack Governor Brown’s climate record

Fracking opponents repeatedly interrupted California Gov. Jerry Brown’s speech pledging support for the Paris agreement on Saturday, unfurling signs and arguing that his refusal to ban hydraulic fracturing was a stain on his environmental record.

The protesters chanted “carbon trading is no solution,” a criticism of his cap-and-trade system, and “poisoned wastewater” and “keep it in the ground,” shots at his permissive stance on fracking, at an event with Brown and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg called “America’s Pledge.”

Brown, who was less than a minute into a speech that was to mark the historic collaboration of states, cities, business and philanthropic leaders in countering Trump’s planned Paris pullout, responded to the demonstrators in real time.

“I wish we could have no pollution, but we have to have our automobiles,” said Brown, who is on a two-week tour of Europe, preaching about the perils of climate change to largely receptive audiences.

Source: ‘Keep it in the ground:’ Jerry Brown protested at climate talks in Germany


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