California’s House Republicans will screw American taxpayers to save their own jobs

Some of America’s most important political races will be run next year in seven California congressional districts. That seems strange.

The U.S. House elections will help determine whether one-party Republican rule continues in Washington or if Democrats recapture at least one half of Congress. That will largely determine the fate of President Trump’s policy agenda.

A big factor in whether those California House Republicans survive could be how they vote on the GOP tax overhaul pending in Congress. Despite Republican leaders’ claims that the legislation would cut taxes for most people, independent analysts say both rival bills have middle-class tax hikes written all over them.

That’s particularly true in high-tax California because of the proposed elimination — or serious crimping — of state and local tax deductions on federal returns.

Source: In high-tax California, a vote to scrap deductions could be the kiss of death for endangered House Republicans


One thought on “California’s House Republicans will screw American taxpayers to save their own jobs

  1. ” High Tax Kalyfornia needs to feel the Bern baby.. Jerry has been taxing the middle class into poverty. By eliminating the State tax deduction, Jerry’s voters will be able to feel the cost of Socialism that they seem to be sssoooo in love with. If this passes, it’s quite possible that the voters may start to get a dose of common fiscal sense as they see their money finally being stolen and no mo tax deduction. It MAY get them to start looking at the canidates much more seriosuly when the Dem’s start talking MORE taxes. Socialsim impoverishes everyone and they need to become much more responsible voters.


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