Millennials fight back, demand homes from California’s #rich #white #elites

California’s unprecedented housing crisis has ushered a new power player onto the scene with a supply-and-demand message so succinct it could fit on a T-shirt: Build more homes.

Meet the YIMBYs, a network of pro-development, tech-funded, ‘Yes-In-My-Backyard’ organizations cropping up throughout the Bay Area and beyond to counter the sentiment against building more homes in existing neighborhoods.

Led by millennials, who have been frozen out of the housing market and slammed by California’s skyrocketing rents, the movement has distilled a collection of wonky policies into an urgent problem with a ready solution.

“Where is my generation going to live?” Laura Clark, executive director of YIMBY Action, asked the San Francisco planning commission earlier this year. “Where are my kids going to live? My entire generation is stunted by the chronic housing shortage that has been brought on by people who can’t stand to have apartment buildings in their neighborhoods. And that is an outrage.”

Source: ‘Homes for human beings’: Millennial-driven anti-NIMBY movement is winning with a simple message


One thought on “Millennials fight back, demand homes from California’s #rich #white #elites

  1. welcome to Socialism.. The Millennials are the ones keeping the demoRats in power and vote for them enmass.. Now.. they are whinning about the huge housing shortage that they caused by their terrible choices in the voting booth.. Yep !!.. This is how socialism all over the world looks like..


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