#SanDiego’s brutal crack-down on the homeless continues — hundreds herded into gulags

Arrests of homeless people in downtown San Diego have spiked in recent months as the city tries to fight a deadly hepatitis A outbreak.

Hepatitis A is spread through unsanitary conditions, and the outbreak has disproportionately affected the homeless population. More than 370 people have been hospitalized and of the 20 people who have died, 11 were homeless.

City-hired crews have been spraying sidewalks in some neighborhoods with chemicals to kill the virus.

Source: More homeless arrested following hepatitis A outbreak


One comment

  1. and it’s about damn time that they finally start cracking down on this insanity. Crime, rampet drug use, and now spreading a deadly disease. Bust up the camps and move them oui of town.. They look way to comfy living on welfare and sleepng on th beaches soaking up the sun while the rest of San Diego works to keep them fed and living in style. It’s an easy life. !!


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