Security experts say Merkel’s migrant policy has made Germany the “Terrorist Hub” of Europe

Islamics are pouring into Europe for one purpose and one purpose only — to kill people and destroy the West.

More than 9,000 suspected terrorist plots against European countries have been discovered in recent years, according to German intelligence services.

Security experts revealed in a report, seen by the Sunday Times, most of the recent cases are linked to migration of late 2015, when Germany opened its borders to Middle Eastern refugees to avoid a humanitarian emergency.

The country registered 1.6 million asylum seekers in total around that time.

Since 2015 police have received more than 1,900 reliable tip-offs about terrorists among the refugee population.

More than 70 investigations are underway, with authorities carrying out an average of three to four house searches a week.

Many of America’s considerable intelligence resources in Germany are focusing on terror threats emanating from migrant communities.

Germany has become Europe’s prime “terror hub”, intelligence sources said.

Source: Merkel’s migrant policy has made Germany the TERRORIST HUB of Europe – security services


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