Washington races to gain control of #Facebook, #Twitter

Screenshot 2017-11-15 at 07.17.18America’s elite media is positive Facebook, Twitter and Google were tools the Russians used to elect President Trump.

So they’re spinning a monumental fake news narrative that is designed to allow the federal government to take control of these, and other social media  platforms.

The latest to join the chorus is a voice from the tech industry: outspoken Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, a prolific user of social media who has nearly 1 million Twitter followers.

“Do these companies need more regulation? They probably do,” Benioff said in a new podcast episode of CNN’s Boss Files with Poppy Harlow. He said the “technology really got out of control, that even [the companies] didn’t know what was happening.”

Benioff’s comments come on the heels of recent congressional testimony by Facebook, Twitter and Google on how their platforms were used for Russian-backed bots, fake news and ads that exploited cultural, political, racial and religious divisions among Americans during the elections.

Benioff isn’t the only tech CEO (who doesn’t head a social media company) who has weighed in on the issue; Apple CEO Tim Cook has railed against fake news, saying it’s “killing people’s minds.”

But Benioff’s response to whether fellow tech companies should be regulated is notable.

Enjoy your Police State.

East Bay Times


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