We’re outta here! California continues to hemorrhage taxpayers

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High taxes, brutal cops, swarms of homeless taking over communities, and a hepatitis pandemic sweeping the sate…who needs this!

California continues to see more folks moving elsewhere in the nation rather than relocating here, a sign the state looks relatively unappealing to others.

Last year, California had 142,932 more residents exit to live in other states than arrive, according to an analysis of a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

This “domestic net outmigration” was the second-largest outflow in the nation behind New York and just ahead of Illinois and New Jersey. And it was up 11 percent (13,699 net departures) vs. 2015.

Orange County Register


One thought on “We’re outta here! California continues to hemorrhage taxpayers

  1. Note that the 4 states mentioned are ALL demoRat occupied states.. Seems to be a pattern here.. Could it be massive taxes, crazies in jail being turned loose. Assinine politcans who are screwing the middle class , and worst of all, radical Job killing enviro policies that promote the biggest hoax in American history.. GLOBAL WARMING.. We are geting ready to leave jerrys’ venezulawan wonderland ourselves in the spring.


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