California approves new #LGBTQ textbooks for your kids

Screenshot 2017-11-17 at 05.57.24Carolyn Laub of the FAIR Act Implementation Coalition that reviewed the books praised the process.

“We are now poised to make history” by approving the first textbooks highlighting LGBT contributions in the nation,” she said, adding that her group supported the commission’s recommendation to reject the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt texts. “Your historic decision today will ensure that only adopted materials ensure a full and accurate account of LGBT people in history.”

No one spoke against the LGBT references, but several people submitted written comments opposing the inclusion of the sexual orientation of historical figures.

Los Angeles Daily News


One thought on “California approves new #LGBTQ textbooks for your kids

  1. Kaly Crazies are turingyour sons into ,little girls folks. There is absolutly no reasn to push the homosexual agenda on little kids., except to corrupt their minds.. Lets face it. Children who are growing up need to have role models and this doesn’rthelp them find who they are. The SMART parent will yank their kids out of Kaly’s political indoctrinatione schools and put them in a good Charter or private school. The Sicko’s and wierdo’s have siezed the public school. Fight back. Don’t go along with it.


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