German court OK’s #racism against #Israel

merkel-876145A German court ruled on Thursday that Kuwait Airways had the right to refuse to carry an Israeli passenger due to his nationality (that is race.)

Like that’s never happened in Germany before right?

The Frankfurt state court said the airline was merely respecting the laws of Kuwait, a country that does not recognize the state of Israel, and said it was not up to a German court to rule on Kuwaiti law.

So basically Germany, the hub of Islamic terrorism in Europe is formalizing it’s polices in the courts.


Jerusalem Post


One thought on “German court OK’s #racism against #Israel

  1. As the eurpeans committ cultural Sucide and let the muslims slowly take over the country , we will see even more violence. Once they hit a tipping point , the real fun begins. A sad thing to see for a country that for centuries had a determined and successful warrior class.


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