Unions freak-out over online-only community college proposal

Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 06.44.10Leaders within the California Community College system are objecting to Gov. Jerry Brown’s push to create a new online-only community college.

Both faculty leaders and some members of the Board of Governors — the group that oversees the 114-campus system — said the process for creating an online college is rushed and expressed skepticism about the merits of a fully online college program.

Members of the Board of Governors voiced their concerns this week during their bimonthly meeting.

The faculty pushback surfaced in several resolutions approved at the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges meeting November 2 through November 4.

In May 11 letter, Brown asked Eloy Ortiz Oakley, the chancellor of the state’s community college system, to “take whatever steps are necessary to establish a new community college that — exclusively — offers fully online degree programs.”

This debate is really about money. On-line education is the future. Teachers unions and fat-cat administrators need to get a grip.

Los Angeles Daily News


One comment

  1. He’s running taxpaying companies and people out of the state so now he wants to connect via the Internet to drag on money. I don’t like unions, but I despise Jerry Brown more.


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