Loser fired by Google claims autism made him a bigot

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James Damore, the former Google engineer who published a screed against Google’s diversity initiatives, wants you to know he isn’t using autism as an excuse. But in fact, he is.

He says being on the spectrum means he “sees things differently.” And yet another interview with the 28-year-old shows he still doesn’t fully understand why everyone got so upset that he attributed the lack of diversity at Google and in the tech industry to biological differences between men and women.

Meanwhile, Google — like many other companies in tech and elsewhere — continues to be largely white and male both in the overall composition of its workforce and in its leadership.

This guy is just a jerk and a loser.

Silicon Beat


One thought on “Loser fired by Google claims autism made him a bigot

  1. I worked at Google.. The workforce is not mainly white. They have abused the H1B program and al least 50% of the work force there is Indian programers broguth in to crack the wages and bring down the price of wages as the indians work much cheaper. It is a culture of fear there. The slightest noise agasint the industry is dealt with very harshly.


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