Thanks to high taxes, illegal weed will be a better value for consumers

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Drug dealers are no doubt celebrating.

California officials have proposed new rules for the growing, transporting and sale of marijuana when the state begins issuing licenses in January, and industry officials said the regulations and hefty fees are a mixed bag.

The regulations unveiled Thursday, which are subject to public hearings before they are finalized, do not limit the size of cannabis farms, but require every plant to be traced from farm to sale. Security will be required at farms, trucks and pot shops, and cannabis cannot be marketed toward minors.

These new rules and their associated costs will no doubt make the price of illegal weed much more attractive to consumers. Nice going California.

Los Angeles Times


One thought on “Thanks to high taxes, illegal weed will be a better value for consumers

  1. This is exactly right. Colorado and Oregun had to drop the level of taxes after they first allowed legal reefer. Strains that were selling in the dispensaries were topping out at $500 an oz. That same strain on the street was avalible for $350 an oz.. The greedy Kaly politcans have made legal reefer unaffordable. ( welcome to Socialsim). The black market will be thriving. Simple economics 101 !!! The probelm in Oregun, Washington State and Colorado is that while the grower has a legal operation running, they grow a back lot of reefer and export it. Kaly residents smoke about 2.4 million lbs of buds a year. The estimation is that about 14.3 million lbs of buds are grown. They’re exporting it folks and Jerry’s bud police and LEO’s are going to be spending a lot of their valueable time raiding these guys.. Just grow the 6 legal plants that is allowed under and forget the taxes and hassel. Kaly is becoming a criminals paradise.


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