#Homeless overrunning #SanFrancisco: #HepatitisA can’t be far behind

Screenshot 2017-11-20 at 08.02.45Soon it may become a crime to NOT help a homeless person in San Francisco.

Elites in the City by the Bay are eyeing a German law that might just catch on here.

In Berlin, a citizen who “sees a person lying in the street, sleeping or unconscious” and doesn’t help or report it to the police is fined. The term for this is “unterlassene Hilfeleistung,” which more or less means “failure to render assistance,” and it is a crime under the German criminal code.

In September, a court in Essen fined three defendants for failing to assist a man who was unconscious in a bank foyer. A security camera had captured the man’s collapse and then the defendants stepping around him. According to a story that was in the New York Times, they were fined between $2,900 and $4,300 for not doing anything to help.


San Francisco Chronicle


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