Republicans aren’t even buying the #GOP tax plan

Screenshot 2017-11-20 at 07.49.04

The GOP’s tax proposal was always going to be a hard sell. Its centerpiece is a deep reduction in corporate taxes when most Americans think corporate taxes should go up, not down.

Even before the House and Senate unveiled their bills, about half of registered voters disliked what they were hearing, according to public opinion polls. Only about a third — essentially, the Republican base — said they favored the plans.

After weeks of salesmanship by the president and his party, those numbers haven’t changed much. A Quinnipiac Poll last week found that 52% of voters oppose the GOP plans; only 25% support them.

Despite all its defects, and rotten numbers in the polls, Republicans in Congress aren’t having second thoughts about their tax bill.

It’s easy to see why. Most voters say they don’t expect their own taxes to go down if either of the bills passes. They expect most of the benefits would go to upper-income taxpayers, not the middle class.

And they’re right.

Los Angeles Times



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