Two #GOP #losers running for governor

Screenshot 2017-11-20 at 07.36.38The comedy troupe known in California circles as the California Republican Party is back.

They think one of these two Republicans can be elected governor in deep-blue California

Assemblyman Travis Allen and businessman John Cox, two politicians unfamiliar to most Californians, share an audacious goal that no Republican has achieved in more than a decade: to be elected governor of the Golden State.

The two men think the state’s liberal-leaning voters are open to their message.


Los Angeles Times


One thought on “Two #GOP #losers running for governor

  1. It’s even funnier that the Dem canidates are nothng but tax, tax and more taxes types of far left Dem’s like Tony the jackel , the former LA mayor who was banging a TV reporter while he was in office.. Thats the real Joke folks. Newsom and Tony.. Let the voters decide which of those two thieves will be your next incompetent govenor..The worst schools, the highest taxes, the highest rates of poverty in America and the article makes fun of the two Repubs.. REALLY ??


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