#Democrats scramble as sex-criminals fall from their ranks

Screenshot 2017-11-21 at 14.53.10True, Roy Moore of Alabama has discredited the Republican Party with the allegations that he committed sex crimes in is past, but it is the Democratic Party and their allies in the elite media and Hollywood who have felt the brunt of the public’s backlash.

To compound the problem, Democrat John Conyers, the longest serving current member of the House of Representatives has now been exposed.

A former staffer alleged Conyers repeatedly asked her for sexual favors

The House Ethics Committee announced Tuesday it has opened an investigation into allegations against Conyers after reports being made public this week that he settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 after allegedly sexually harassing a staffer, according to an explosive report published Monday.

Conyers tried to hide behind some legal gibberish…but everyone has pretty much read between the lines.



One thought on “#Democrats scramble as sex-criminals fall from their ranks

  1. Judge Roy Moore allegations that he committed sex crimes in is past, The KEY word is alligations… NO Proof,
    Just hearsay and when given the opportunity to prove the writings in the ” Year Book” was his signature.. Gloria Allread, the democrat Ambulence Chaser refused to turn over the book . Then we find out his secratary signs his signature to his doc’s and uses DA.. Her Ititials, NOT Moores on the book.. FAKE News.. However, though,.. dozens of democrat politicans and their sycohants have been nailed for numerous sex crimes and in the case of Al Frankenstein.. Pictures with two women getting gropped.. Then we now have the totaly corrupt Conyers who used taxpayers monies to pay off a woman he attacked along with a few others who are now coming forard to expose this PERV !!!


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