#Leftists ignore their own sex criminals and only focus on #RoyMoore

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It didn’t take long for the medial elites to draw a bright moral line between sex criminals on the Left and Roy Moore.

Panelists on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said Wednesday that the Republican Party risks becoming the “party of pedophiles” in the wake of President Trump’s apparent support of embattled Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“If your moral code doesn’t dictate that you come out strongly against someone who’s been accused of these things, maybe a political, strategic argument would prevail on the president, which is that you win this seat, this Senate seat for Roy Moore, it’s a Pyrrhic victory because you will be saddled, as you all have just said, as the party of a pedophiles for the rest of Roy Moore’s term,” panelist Willie Geist said.

Co-host Joe Scarbrough said he believes it’s still more likely Moore will lose the Dec. 12 special election to Democrat Doug Jones.

“Then in that case you get the worst of all worlds where you lose the seat, and in the process of losing it you’ve become the party of pedophiles,” panelist John Heilemann added.

Their bottom line: Democrat sex pervs, no problem, Republican sex pervs, bad.

The Hill



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