Sex criminal #JohnConyers says he won’t resign

Screenshot 2017-11-23 at 08.37.20Representative John Conyers Jr., the House’s longest-serving lawmaker, does not plan to resign over accusations of sexual harassment despite facing a House Ethics Committee investigation, his lawyer said.

Arnold E. Reed, said in a phone interview that Mr. Conyers, 88, denied any wrongdoing and believed that some people suggesting that he step down, including fellow Democrats, had been scheming for years to push him out as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee.

Asked about the credibility of the accusations of harassment, which have been made by women who were former staff members, Mr. Reed stopped short of calling the women liars. Then he called them liars.

New York Times


One thought on “Sex criminal #JohnConyers says he won’t resign

  1. This sex perv is 88 yars old.. What in Hell is he still there for.. What woman would find a 88 year man straight out of the Michgan ghetto’s atttactive. Leave him there along with Nancy and Franken to remind voters in 2018 WHO the creeps are in Congress and this is what you will get if you vote Democrat.


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