#TomSteyer’s impeachment antics reveal his inability to lead

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California billionaire Tom Steyer is personally funding a $20 million advertising campaign calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The move is causing anxiety among lawmakers—within the Democratic Party.

Twenty million dollars. Think for a minute about the homeless people that money could feed and shelter. Think about the healthcare it could deliver, or think about the teachers it could pay for.

Obviously Steyer hasn’t. That’s a pity.  It’s better to know now Steyer isn’t a leader than to find out after he’s elected to public office.

Democratic leaders fear that independent and Republican voters will view impeachment talk as Democratic overreach and undercut the party’s message in the midterm elections.

They would be correct.

Mr. Steyer says he doesn’t care. His campaign has nothing to do with California, it’s all about him and his billion-dollar ego.

Why would anyone expect anything different? Mr. Steyer, who made his money as co-founder of a hedge fund for high-net-worth individuals and institutions. The self-absorbed Steyer has absolutely no clue how working people or the poor live.


Wall Street Journal


One comment

  1. and undercut the party’s message in the midterm elections.

    What message would that be in the first place.. MORE Marxism, Higher taxes, release MORE criminals like Old Jerry as been doing. More absurd demoRat corruption like Hilary or Gropers like Franken and Conyers.. REALLY !!
    MAGA !!!


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