Stealing from taxpayers is what #JanetNapolitano is all about

Screenshot 2017-11-24 at 07.13.47The report, released last week, shows how Napolitano and two of her top officials systematically undermined a state audit of her office’s performance.

It documents how campus chancellors, warned personally by Napolitano, self-censored answers to the state auditor. And how, when that wasn’t good enough, Napolitano’s top staffers insisted on more changes to remove negative comments.

It’s unconscionable. Yet, regents have let Napolitano off with just a reprimand and a demand that she apologize. They should have fired her. They still should.

Her interference with the audit shows that Napolitano, former Arizona governor and U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, has no respect for California government oversight that comes with running one of the world’s leading public university systems.

Stealing money is a crime. Stealing from taxpayers is what Janet Napolitano is all about.

East Bay Times


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